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National 'reach out' for those living with dementia

September is the month to realise that ‘you are not alone’ if you are living with or know someone with dementia. Alzheimer’s Australia is currently promoting Dementia Awareness Month using the theme of You are not alone, and are offering talks from speakers on a wide ranging topics in dementia. One focus is on a recent report of Dementia and Loneliness, which recognises the increased rates of loneliness amongst those affected by dementia. A survey was conducted in over 1500 people, 62 of which had dementia, and concluded that both carers and those suffering dementia had a similarly increased state of loneliness, with fewer reported social contacts including family and friends, and often feeling that there is no one to reach out to. An important message is that we need to act to communicate more with those in situations affected by dementia, and to offer support, whether that be help with tasks or simply to being there to listen. There is a brochure available called ‘Talk to me’, as well as tips on maintaining social engagement despite distance. We all can play a role and more information can be found at Alzheimer's Australia.

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